Booking Terms and Conditions

 1.    No dog will accepted into our kennels without proof of an up to date vaccination certificate.

       Vaccinations must be completed at least 10 days prior to your dog arriving on their kennel

       check in date.  The Kennel Cough vaccination is strongly recommended.

       Our establishment does have arrangements for dogs that are titre tested for which a laboratory

       report is required.

2.     Fees for veterinary attention for your dog that may be incurred on behalf of the owner whilst your

       dog is in our care, may be met by us at the discretion of the Manager/Proprietor, otherwise these

       costs  will be informed to you at our soonest opportunity and recovered at the time of collecting

       your dog. We may also require you to pick up your dog a.s.a.p, depending on the severity,

       whether we require immediate pick up or not is entirely at the discretion of the Manager/Proprietor.

3.     Telephone bookings are provisional until we receive an annual contract form and a non-refundable


4.     Boarding fees are charged inclusive, i.e. the days of check in and check out will be charged at the full

       daily rate.

5.     All boarding fees and vet fees, where applicable, MUST be paid in full prior to your dog’s departure

       from our premises.

6.     Earlier check in dates only by prior arrangement and agreement with the kennel Manager/Proprietor.

7.     If your dog does not arrive on your reserved check in date, your booking will be held for two days, not

       including days kennels are closed to the public. Unless you have contacted us to notify of a later check

       in date then after these two days your reservation will be cancelled and we will continue to take

       bookings until we are full.

8.     In the event of a dog not being collected within two weeks of your check out date, unless you have

       notified us of a later check out, the Manager/Proprietor reserves the right to dispose of the dog as seen


9.     Any dog suspected of suffering from any infectious of contagious disease will be refused entry to our

       kennels.  This is to safeguard the health of those dogs being boarded.

10.   All beds, blankets and toys for your dog’s stay are welcome but are left entirely at the owner’s risk.

       We have all the necessary equipment and materials for your dogs stay.

11.   Whilst every possible care and attention is given to all boarding dogs, all dogs are left at the owner’s


12.   Please refer to the 'Welcome' page for our opening times.

13.   We reserve the right to seperate dogs from the same household who have not been neutered or if we

       feel it's in the best interest of the dog.

14.   Please also insure that any flea/worm preventative is up to date, whilst the staff at Priory Lodge do our

       best to create an inhospitable environment to parasites, parasite control is the owners responsibility

       and Priory Lodge can not be held responsible.